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Version: 1.5.1



Version 1.5.1:
+ Various important fixes.

Version 1.5:
+ Added configuration option for realtime statistics.
+ Added cron example to update charts in the background.
+ Updated RedBeanPHP to version 4.1.4.
+ Various small fixes.

Version 1.4.2:
+ Fixed Kippo-Playlog's results and added sorting to the table.
+ Added geo method selection in play.php.
+ Various small fixes.

Version 1.4.1:
+ Added check for Tor exit nodes.

Version 1.4:
+ Added support for local MaxMind geolocation instead of
+ Various small fixes.
+ Added favicon.ico.
- Removed README.txt.

Version 1.3:
+ Switched all SQL operations to the RedBeanPHP library.
+ Reformatted and standardized all SQL queries.
+ Added VirusTotal IP lookup in Kippo-Geo.
+ Fixed XSS problem in Kippo-IP (AJAX requester).
+ Updated file.
- Removed manual DIR_ROOT configuration.

Version 1.2:
+ Substituted the defunct NoVirusThanks with Gary's Hood Online Virus Scanner.
+ Added Kippo-Scanner module to handle (future) AV and anti-malware submissions.
+ Added's tracer to Kippo-Geo IPs.
+ Added Czech language support.
+ Added robots.txt file to disallow crawling by bots.
+ Added .gitgnore to exclude config.php file from VCS.

Version 1.1:
+ Added downloads, dig output and geolocation of current session in Kippo-Playlog.

Version 1.0:
+ Various fixes and updates.

Version 0.9.3:
+ Added Kippo-IP: attack details by IP address.

Version 0.9.2:
+ Added experimental playlog display.

Version 0.9.1:
+ Fixed Google Map rendering issue.

Version 0.9:
+ Added CSV export capabilities.
+ Added Spanish language support.

Version 0.8:
+ Changed code to OOP style.
+ Added FortiGuard, AlientVault, WatchGuard and McAfee IP scanning services (Kippo-Geo).
+ Various CSS-related fixes for tables and cross-browser compatibility.

Version 0.7.7:
+ Added German language support.

Version 0.7.6:
+ Added Polish & Swedish language support.

Version 0.7.5:
+ Added French language support.

Version 0.7.4:
+ Added config option for non-standard MySQL port.

Version 0.7.3:
+ Fixed XSS issues in Kippo-Input.
+ Added tables with overall/basic stats in Kippo-Graph and Kippo-Input.

Version 0.7.2:
+ Minor fixes and various changes.

Version 0.7.1:
+ Added chart localization - need volunteers.
+ Languages: Greek, Italian, Dutch, Estonian.
+ New chart fonts added - default: OpenSans.
+ Added API key to QGoogleVisualizationAPI.

Version 0.7:
+ Fixed human activity charts: Top 20 and mod limit.
+ Fixed probes per week and successes per week charts.
+ Added human activity per week graph - updated grallery
+ Added most successful logins per day graph - updated gallery.
+ Added most probes per day graph - updated gallery
+ Other small fixes.

Version 0.6.5:
+ Fixed "http://" in file links (Kippo-Input).
+ Added installation instructions and Google Map note in README.txt
+ Fixed successful logins from same IP chart: Top 20.
+ Fixed successes per day chart: Top 20.
+ Fixed probes per day chart: display only 25 distinct date values.

Version 0.6.4:
- Removed dayofyear2date(), has a bug that adds +1 day in all 2012 dates (leap year?).
+ Changed SQL queries to timestamp values and date() parses the results - fixed graphs.
+ Added successes per week graph - updated gallery.
+ Small fixes.

Version 0.6.3:
+ Added passwd, executed scripts and interesting commands tables.
+ Added successes per day graph - updated gallery.
+ Added human activity per day vertical bar chart - updated gallery.
+ Fixed successful logins from same IP graph.
+ Changed top 10 SSH clients graph to horizontal.
+ Small UI fixes, etc.

Version 0.6.2:
+ Added hostname resolution for IPs (include/misc/ip2host.php).
+ Added robtex IP lookup feature.

Version 0.6.1:
+ Changed all links and information about the project.

Version 0.6:
+ Added human activity per day graph (Kippo-Input) - updated gallery.
+ Added probes per week graph - updated gallery.
+ Added break-ins from same IP graph - updated gallery.
+ Added IP Void lookup feature (Kippo-Geo).
+ Added NoVirusThanks scan feature (Kippo-Input).
+ Fixed SSH clients graph: shows top 10, ordered by volume.
- Removed favicon.

Version 0.5.1:
+ Made version checking more secure with a directive in config.php (UPDATE CHECK YES/NO).
+ Posted CHECKSUMS for the .tar archive online (and noted for future releases).
+ Added LICENSE.txt

Version 0.5:
+ Added Kippo-Input: display and visualization of input data, wget (with file links) and apt-get commands.
+ Added online version checking function (include/misc/versionCheck.php).
+ Added new pie charts, Kippo-Graph now shows 15 - updated gallery.
+ Added IP table on Kippo-Geo with whois/lookup feature.
+ Changed all files to .php.

Version 0.4:
+ Added geolocation features at beta stage, using geoplugin and google maps/charts.
+ Fixed file/folder structure and updated config.php.
+ Added new logo.

Version 0.3:
+ Added 3 new input-related graphs.
+ Updated graph gallery.
+ Fixed minor web UI and graph details.
+ Added TODO.txt.
+ Updated README.txt

Version 0.2:
+ Added web template to Kippo-Graph.
+ Changed functionality of kippo-graph.php turning into a generator for the graphs.
- index.php removed.

Version 0.1:
+ Initial version.


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